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Get the Mastitis Manual

Stop mastitis in its tracks and never get it again, with this thirty-page guide of breastfeeding gold.

Learn the what, the why, and the how of managing mastitis, plugged ducts, and engorgement, as well as how to PREVENT these common breastfeeding issues in the future.

With new, surprising guidelines that use ice rather than heat, rest rather than emptying the breast, and explanations for why hard massage and vibration may NOT be helpful in healing your breast.

Mastitis is the pits. Let’s get you informed and empowered – and back to enjoying your breastfeeding journey!

As a doctor, mother, and recurrent mastitis experiencer – I am committed to creating resources that help modern families transition into a thriving state of parenthood that works with biology and nature.


✷ What mastitis is and why it happens
✷ Risk factors and symptoms
✷ Bacterial vs. inflammatory mastitis
✷ The difference between engorgement plugged ducts, and mastitis – with a BONUS mini-guide on plugged duct management!
✷ Updated information regarding breastfeeding issue management and how it’s very different from the old thinking
✷ Surprising notes on how pumping, using heat, vibration, and silicone breast pumps may NOT be helpful
✷ Nipple trauma and healing
✷ Mastitis management using anatomy and energetics
✷ Nursing and pumping DOs and DONTs
✷ Hands-on therapeutics
✷ Diet, herbs, supplements, homeopathy, and pain management
✷ Recurrent mastitis
✷ Prevention of mastitis and clogged ducts
✷ Common FAQ