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You're pregnant!
Or, you're trying! Now what?!

The internet is full of junk and it’s hard to know up from down with conflicting, confusing information around every corner. Learn how to take care of yourself and your baby with this unique motherhood prep course, and get to ask Dr. Morgan all your questions to help clarify and prepare you for a sweet, self-assured journey into becoming a mother.

Go from unsure and confused to CONFIDENT and PREPARED.


Trying to conceive, first and second trimester mamas, this is for you.

 Get access to the content for life – for this baby and those in the future. And let me hold your hand for 6 weeks in our group Q&A call to answer any and all questions you have about the content and this radical journey into motherhood.


Here’s the pregnancy information you’ve been wanting,
but your doctor doesn’t have time for.


All Lessons

Gain access to the 10+ hours of pre-recorded content and then join our 60-minute Q&A calls every Monday to get your questions answered!

You will earn game-changing methods for a healthier, safer pregnancy. The course is packed with practical takeaways, clarity on various birth options, how to’s, dosage information, supplies lists, and more. This is the type of info that can make or break your early motherhood days, and I want YOU to feel confident and clear on your choices and expectations.

Likeminded Community

Motherhood can feel lonely, and meeting other mamas like you – even across the country or world, makes it feel a little more supported. Together we will learn and dive into this sacred time of life together – solidarity to the max. By joining the course, you get access to a private Voxer group to receive continuous support from this growing community.

Six Q&A Hours

You’re involved in the call – we want to get to know you, and answer your individual questions. You’ll get to ask Dr. Morgan questions about the lessons and beyond, as well as share wins each week with your cohort and learn from stages you may not be in yet.

These Q&A calls are not mandatory but they are of very high value to get to ask an expert your burning questions, or get clarity on confusing topics. They are recorded in case you miss!

“Instead of pilling more pregnancy books and podcasts on my to-do list, I really used this course as my main learning tool for understanding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.”

Knowledge is power. Honor yourself, this baby, and all your future babies with the comprehensive motherhood education you won't get elsewhere.
  • Over 10 hours of video lessons with downloadable slide decks
  • Receive a 35-page pregnancy symptom management guide that covers common ailments from an integrative medicine perspective 
  • Learn how to eat to optimize the health of you and your baby, and prevent conditions like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes
  • Understand pregnancy movement dynamics and exercise
  • Bust common myths about pregnancy nutrition and get sound advice on truly clean, effective supplementation
  • Understand the physiology of labor and how to bio-hack your birth
  • Gain practical tips for pain management, both natural or pharmaceutical
  • Learn the pros and cons of various birth interventions and options
  • Involve your partner in creating birth plans and deciding your goals and how you want them to show up to support you
  • Dive into the world of addressing your fears around birth and how to pack your subconscious full of grounded, positive truths
  • Get a breastfeeding 101 course to prep you for a successful breastfeeding relationship
  • Learn the basics of newborn feeding, weight loss and then gain, skin anomalies, and sleep
  • Unlearn what we’ve been taught about postpartum healing so you can form realistic expectations
  • Gain understanding of true postpartum rest guidelines, along with nutrition, sex, exercise, mental health, and more!



July 15


Nutrient density, blood sugar regulation, protein, hydration, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, common myths, prenatal supplementation, things to stop doing and things to start doing.


July 22


Integrative symptom management, prenatal exercise, proper movement techniques, body work, fostering connections, reducing toxic exposures and emotional stressors.


July 29


Physiology of birth hormones, anatomy of uterine and cervical changes, the components of a physiological labor, differences between OBGYNs and midwives, how to choose the right provider, doulas and labor supports, prepping your partner, how to write a birth plan, common interventions, myths, and resources.


August 5


Focus points and advice for each phase of labor, pain physiology and management, breath dynamics, affirmations and mantras, addressing fears and core beliefs, labor positions and optimal fetal positioning homework, cervical ripening, labor food and tools, understanding pharmacologic pain managements, and cesarean birth considerations.


August 12


Latch basics 101, what is normal and what is not, newborn feeding guidelines and how to tell if they are getting enough milk, tongue and lip tie symptoms and proper management, how to handle clogged ducts and mastitis, engorgement management,  healing nipple damage, formula, pumping, bottles and pacifiers.


August 19


A mini-crash course of my Immediate Postpartum Series: The First 10 Days for You and Your Baby. Newborn and mother interventions offered immediately after birth, placenta options and evidence, postpartum philosophy for proper expectations, vaginal birth recovery, cesarean birth recovery, postpartum rest guidelines, postpartum exercise, sex, and mental health, newborn skin and sleep.

Save time by not having to piece this all together yourself, and get 6 hours of Q&A call time to ask all your questions.
Because a 15 minute doc appointment just isn’t cutting it.

Dr. Morgan MacDermott

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and mother of four young children, I blend functional medical expertise, clinical skill, and first-hand experience to help women navigate wellness for themselves and their families. I believe we must take our health into our own hands, and use innate intuition to guide our way throughout the entirety of becoming and being a mother.

I am committed to helping modern mothers transform their daily struggles into stepping stones toward a more supported, balanced, and confident state of being. I believe that the health of the mother is the health of the community, and it is imperative we treat her as such.

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The call runs 4x/year, once each season.


July 15th
July 22nd
July 29th
August 5th
August 12th
August 19th


5:00pm PST
6:00pm MT
7:00pm CST
8:00pm EST 



Payment can be made in full, or split into two monthly payments of $199 each.

Get on the waitlist below to get first access to the next session!

All lessons are pre-recorded for you to watch throughout the week and forever into the future. The weekly group Q&A calls are recorded and accessible for your review via an e-mailed link.

My favorite part is that I feel so confident that this information is game-changing for your motherhood prep. It’s the thing I wish I had as a first time mom.

I also adore the 6 weekly one-hour calls we have, where you get to ask me questions on Zoom with the group. I love getting to know you all and help guide this journey in a positive direction.


One Time Payment
$ 397 Once
  • All Lessons
  • Access to Q&A Calls
  • Voxer Support


Two Payments
$ 199 For Two Months
  • All Lessons
  • Access to Q&A Calls
  • Voxer Support


Summer session runs:

July 15th
July 22nd
July 29th
August 5th
August 12th
August 19th

"No other doctor has such a complete, well rounded way of teaching about these topics. So much is missed with our regular doctors and she can help fill in the blanks and pieces to make you feel prepared, confident and healthy."