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Hi, I'm Dr. Morgan MacDermott

I support women and families all over the world through virtual one-on-one motherhood mentorship, community programs, resources, and more.


I believe that the best way to advance the health of future generations is by prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our soon-to-be and current mothers. A healthy, empowered parent can then have the energetic and emotional reserves to raise a healthy, empowered child.

I am committed to creating accessible, honest health resources for families to utilize in becoming empowered, confident parents before and throughout their family-building journey. My deepest desire is to set families up for health success and proper expectations so they don’t find themselves in a state of burnout.

I value transparency, shared education, and community building amongst families to find normalization and perspective in the day-to-day challenges of parenting. As a mother of three myself, I know how important a sense of village community is to not only troubleshooting solutions to problems, but in seeking solidarity for the experience as a whole.

After having postpartum anxiety after my first child but a completely different experience after my second, my passion for maternal mental health issues has skyrocketed. My understanding of the pitfalls of postpartum care in our current health culture has shaped and propelled my work immensely, and I am committed to revolutionizing the way society values and understands the vitally important transition women and families experience in becoming parents.

About Milk Medicine

Milk Medicine is an authentic, intentional, and empowering natural health resource dedicated to women in the transition through motherhood and beyond.

Our purpose is to advance the health of future generations by starting where it matters most – with the health of future mothers and families throughout their parenting journey.

There is wisdom here for every stage of motherhood. From fertility and conscious conception, through an optimally healthy pregnancy, natural birth preparation, and a thriving postpartum, we have you covered.

Milk combines time-honored ancient medicinal practices with an integrated understanding of modern healthcare. From functional lab tests to botanical tinctures, we approach health as a whole mind/body/spirit assignment with a root cause mission.

We stand for honesty, and you can guarantee we won’t sugar coat the realities of modern parenting. We know moms don’t have time to sift through vague or basic information on how to prep their minds and bodies for natural birth, or how to get through (and prevent) another round of mastitis. We see you.

Educational Resources

The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

Mastitis Manual

Learn the what, the why, and the how of managing mastitis, plugged ducts, and engorgement, as well as how to PREVENT these common breastfeeding issues in the future. With new, surprising guidelines that use ice rather than heat, rest rather than emptying the breast, and explanations for why hard massage and vibration may NOT be helpful in healing your breast. Mastitis is the pits. Let’s get you informed and empowered – and back to enjoying your breastfeeding journey!

Winter Is Coming Webinar

Join Dr. Morgan MacDermott, NMD in the Winter is Coming Webinar where she outlines numerous strategies to support your children with natural, effective remedies so that their sickness feels easier and quicker, leaving YOU feeling confident and prepared when sniffles hit.
90 minutes of quick-paced strategies to help your child immediately, with 30 minutes pre-recorded Q&A from parents just like you

Conveniently broken down into 6 videos: Illness philosophy, Herbal remedies, Homeopathic remedies, Nutrient supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Home supports!

Work With Me 1-on-1

Free content is great, but sometimes you need to talk to someone about your individual situation to get the best help. Consultation calls are 60 minutes long, “ask me anything” style Zoom calls where I can answer your questions as a health consultant. The information discussed in these calls is for educational purposes only and not meant to act as medical advice. The online scheduler has been replaced by talking directly with me to find your date and time, as this works best. Consultations are scheduled via Instagram DMs (@MorganMacDermott) or via the form at the link below.

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