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Natural cold & flu wellness for children of all ages

Join Dr. Morgan MacDermott, NMD in the Winter is Coming Webinar where she outlines numerous strategies to support your children with natural, effective remedies so that their sickness feels easier and quicker, leaving YOU feeling confident and prepared when sniffles hit.

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Be involved in their health, now and throughout the year.

Have you ever wanted to use tinctures and supplements with your child, knowing that they can help address root cause and support on deeper levels than basic pharmaceuticals – but you don’t know how? Understandably, you don’t want to make a mistake and start a supplement that’s inappropriate or on a child that’s too young.

In this 90-minute masterclass, we will cover the information that you need to know to CONFIDENTLY care for your sick children using a wide range of natural remedies including homeopathy, herbs, hydrotherapy, supplements, nutraceuticals, food and nature as medicine, and more.

 Conveniently broken into 7 lessons,  you will reference these videos again and again!

This course is applicable to parents of children of any age, even newborns.

What you will learn

Herbal Remedies
Herbal Remedies

Learn HOW and WHEN to use Dr. MacDermott’s favorite herbal products, in tasty tincture form that your child will enjoy.

Food as medicine
Food as Medicine

Understand the power of food for healing and prevention, made easy. Broths, ferments, minerals, and more!


It’s confusing for everyone, so let me help break down several common remedies and HOW to use them during sickness.

Pro Tips
Pro Tips

Sometimes it can be tricky giving remedies to little babies or picky children. You’ll learn MANY creative ways to circumvent any protest.

PLUS, you’ll learn:

✦ How to use a maskless nebulizer

✦ The philosophy of sickness as an important aspect of child development

✦ How do use an otoscope at home

✦ Ways your home may be contributing to your child’s weaker immune system

✦ Why nature is a free, effective treatment in and of itself 

✦ AND you gain 15% off practitioner-grade supplements ✦

Frequently Asked Questions

Produced and presented by Dr. Morgan MacDermott, ND this easy-to-follow video series will provide healing mechanisms you can start using right away!

With a one time purchase you have access to the course at anytime.  For $47 you will walk away with a ton of knowledge and feel ready to take on the cold and flu season.

This course includes 90 minutes of quick-paced strategies to help your child immediately, with 30 minutes pre-recorded Q&A from parents just like you.

It is not! The lessons are conveniently broken down into 7 videos: Illness philosophy, Herbal remedies, Homeopathic remedies, Nutrient supplements, Nutraceuticals, Home supports, and then the Q&A.

Inside you’ll gain access to 15% off practitioner-grade supplements and the entire Winter is Coming protocol, HERE.

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