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6-Week Pregnancy Call

WELCOME Here you will find the pregnancy call lessons, broken into convenient chunks to aid your learning. After the Q&A calls have stopped, you’ll still have access to these lessons. My greatest wish is that this information helps empower and improve your motherhood experience.

Immediate Postpartum Series

Welcome to the Immediate Postpartum Series Click on the lessons below to work your way through all 11 videos, on your own time! You can watch them again and again – this series is intended to empower you and your partner on your journey into new parenthood so you recovery well and feel calm and […]

Milk Medicine Pregnancy Call

My goal is for you to enter motherhood feeling CONFIDENT & PREPARED. Below is where you can find all previous recordings, as well as resources mentioned in the call. Enjoy!

Winter Is Coming: Natural Cold and Flu Care For Children

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

Herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, nutrient supplements, nutraceuticals, and multiple home supports including nebulizers, food and nature as medicine, and hydrotherapy. Applicable to parents of children of any age, even newborns. 90 minutes with 30 minutes of pre-recorded Q&A.