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Level-up your transition into parenthood with continuous support and resources from a mother and doctor who gets it.

Learn from the expertise and wisdom of Dr. Morgan MacDermott, NMD and mother of three, because the internet is full of junk, especially when it comes to growing, birthing, and raising babies.

Join the membership and feel confidently prepared and empowered as a mother.

Milk Medicine Membership

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Reoccurring Monthly Payment
$ 99
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One Time Payment
$ 99
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What is included in the monthly session?


Video Coaching with Dr. Morgan MacDermott, NMD

Knowledge is power, and with parenting naturally in this fast-paced modern world, there’s a lot to know. Learn from topic-based workshops, including:
  • Pregnancy health optimization and decision making
  • Birth preparation, mindset, and recovery
  • An entire postpartum preparation course with physiologically supportive newborn care practices
  • Breastfeeding prep while pregnant and a multitude of individual problem management strategies
  • Newborn care, motherhood mindset, gentle parenting / re-parenting and more!
  • Real-time commentary on relevant media
Video lessons come with captions, too, so even if you’re learning from bed with a sleeping or nursing baby, we can still support you.


Private Community Support - ongoing

We’re an online village. You know, like the one we’re supposed to have in person. Raising children and building family is a group effort. Ask questions, share wins, and find answers from Dr. Morgan and other moms who have been there before you. Solidarity at its finest.
  • Learn from and grow with families like yours
  • Find what you need with searchable threads
  • Connect with “your people” who live and raise their children like you
  • Apply the information learned in the membership to your real life and bounce ideas off other families to see how it’s working in their lives.
Tap the collective experience of other families with the ever-growing  “online village” of naturally-minded mamas like you.


Live Q&A with Dr. Morgan - 2x Monthly

Whether it’s a clarifying question from a lesson or something else that has come up, you can ask Dr. Morgan your questions in a LIVE Q&A every month.
  • Get real-time help when you need it
  • Recorded if you cannot make it to the live call
  • Topic tags allow you to search past recordings more easily
This opportunity helps you to better understand and implement the ideas, workshops, and lifestyle changes into your own parenting.

The Milk Medicine Membership

This growing online library of educational natural health workshops, courses, and articles will prepare you for all of the transitions motherhood takes us through. You’ll learn how to:

Join Other Mothers Like You to Feel Confident and Supported

  • Expert-level coaching from a natural medicine perspective
  • Preparation-focused and topic based workshops
  • Community support and online-village access
The membership is a continually-growing resource for all your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, newborn, and parenting needs – so you can be ready for it all!

This membership is for you if...