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By Dr. Morgan MacDermott

Intentional, informed natural motherhood resources to help clear the noise.

I get how confusing the internet is, so as a doctor and mother to three of four, I’ve created Milk Medicine to help you feel confident that the information you’re getting is truthful and in alignment with your parenting style. 

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Dr. Morgan MacDermott, NMD

Dr. Morgan MacDermott is an enthusiastic leader in women’s reproductive health and pediatrics, committed to helping modern mothers transform their daily struggles into stepping stones toward a more supported, balanced, and confident state of being. In a broad sense, she believes that the health of the mother IS the health of the community, and it is imperative we treat her as such. As a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor and mother of four young children, she blends medical expertise and gathered communal wisdom to help women navigate wellness throughout this revered metamorphosis.

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Mastitis Manual

Prevent and manage mastitis and clogged ducts in this jam-packed 30 page e-book that’ll save you when you’re on the verge, and teach you how to never get there.

Natural Cold + Flu Care Course

Learn natural cold and flu remedies and strategies for your children in this 90-minute webinar. Whether your child is 5 days old or 5 years old, this webinar covers all ages.

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