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Hypochlorous Acid: From First Aid to Eczema to Acne and Everything In Between

Imagine this all-too-common scenario:

You’re at the playground meeting up with friends and your 3 year old trips while running on the pavement and scrapes up their knees and palms. At the same time, your 8 year old steps on a honeybee and gets a sting. Shortly after you get home, you realize all three of you have a mild sunburn. Cool thing is, you’ve been able to use the same safe, effective, and intelligent cleansing spray on all three situations to help heal the skin using the body’s own natural defenses.

Let me introduce you to one my absolute all-time favorite parenting products, Active Skin Repair.

Nature’s Design in a Spray

The spray and gel products that Active Skin Repair makes contain a molecule called hypochlorous acid (HOCL) which is naturally produced by our white-blood cells during the healing process of skin. We make it on our own as part of our defense system against harmful microbes like bacteria, viruses, and fungus – things that slow down or impair the healing process. This product line has replicated this effective method used by our bodies, and put into non-toxic sprays and gels that can be used on everyone – from babies and toddlers to pets or adults – and even around the eye, ear, nose, and mouth area. Um, so cool.

It kills 99% of the pathogenic (harmful) microbes in the area in just FIFTEEN SECONDS, which is pretty amazing. Not only that – but it spares the GOOD, commensal bacteria that we have on our skin – unlike hand sanitizers and other cleansers which kill everything. Because hypochlorous acid is innate to our immune system, it preferentially kills foreign microbial cells and not native cells by being slightly acidic, as well as non-cytotoxic and non-mutagenic. This really sets it apart from other cleansers and disinfectants which can be harsh to the beneficial skin microbiome. Topical antimicrobials have their time and place, but generally we can prevent their need when we use the cleanser of our own body (HOCL), first. I love having the option for something that is non-toxic to the body and skin barrier, while also AIDING in healing and still disinfecting any of the pathogenic (bad) microbes that may be on the skin.

First Aid Game Changer

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and mother to four young children, I very much appreciate this product line and carry a bottle of the spray in my diaper bag, car, and home first aid kit area at all times. They’re shelf stable for up to two years, too, which is great in case you don’t use one often (like shoved in the first-aid kit, which I do truly hope you don’t need to use!). I use mine 2-3 times per week on average, so that isn’t an issue for me.

Some other things I like to carry in my emergency or first-aid kit would include bandages of various sizes, steri-strip or butterfly enclosures for deeper wounds, and homeopathic remedies for various situations (like Arnica montana for bumps and bruises, or Apis mellifica for insect stings and bites). Active Skin Repair is the first thing I’ll spray on my kid’s mosquito bites, scraped knees from falling off their scooter, or beat up feet from stepping on pokey weeds or rocks in the lawn. When our dog was a puppy, I used it on a bacterial dermatitis rash he was getting on his groin from playing with another puppy and it cleared up in just 48 hours.

One Bottle, Many Uses

But the hypochlorous acid in Active Skin Repair isn’t just useful for cut up skin from injuries, like perineal tearing from birth or blistering burns from touching the stove. It can be used for SO many other things.

Diaper rash? Hypochlorous acid.
Eczema or dry skin? Hypochlorous acid.
Hand Foot and Mouth rash, athlete’s foot, cold sores, even the hormonal acne on my chin? Hypochlorous acid.

Truly – it can be used in nearly any kind of skin ailment / injury context. There is an anti-inflammatory effect with HOCL too, which aids the healing process and helps the symptoms of pain. It’s also completely non-toxic and there are no known allergic reactions. Unlike some of the other hypochlorous products on the market, Active Skin Repair is USA manufactured and FDA cleared for use on open-skin and is the same proprietary formula that’s been used in hospitals worldwide.

I’ve been using these products for several years now and have gotten to know this company deeply. It’s always nice to be able to stand 100% by a brand and what it stands for. Active Skin Repair gives back 1% of all its sales (not just profits) to environmental non-profits and are Net Zero Plastic Waste certified, which matters when making products in plastic bottles.

Get your own bottle of skin-healing Active Skin Repair and save 20% by using code DRMORGAN at checkout!

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